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Recent Conference Participation:

2022 Hybrid Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) Workshop

Jaewoo Park, Mingyang Zhang, Nagihan Karakaya, and Emily Meilus participated in the student poster presentations. Emily Meilus won second place for her poster on High Temperature Polished and Unpolished Mullite Tube Reference Electrode Evaluation in Molten Chloride Salt.

Amanda Leong presented a session on Salt Purification and Redox Control for Corrosion Mitigation.


Selected Publications:

Review of the studies on fundamental issues in LBE corrosion

A review of steel corrosion by liquid lead and lead-bismuth

The aluminum chemistry and corrosion in alkaline solutions

Experimental investigation of wellbore integrity and CO2-brine flow along the casing-cement microannulus

Corrosion in the molten fluoride and chloride salts and materials development for nuclear applications

Corrosion behaviors of US steels in flowing lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE)

Models of liquid metal corrosion

Electrochemistry of actinides and fission products in molten salts--Data review

Effect of bicarbonate on corrosion of carbon steel in CO2 saturated brines

Effect of sodium chloride on corrosion of mild steel in CO2-saturated brines

Oxidation mechanism of steels in liquid-lead alloys

Redox potential control in molten salt systems for corrosion mitigation

Analysis on liquid metal corrosion–oxidation interactions

Fluid flow in a rotating curved rectangular duct

A coupled electrochemical–geochemical model of corrosion for mild steel in high-pressure CO2–saline environments

Chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking of used nuclear fuel welded stainless steel canisters: A review

Lead–B ismuth Eutectic (LBE): A Coolant Candidate for Gen. IV Advanced Nuclear Reactor Concepts

Wellbore integrity and CO2-brine flow along the casing-cement microannulus

Corrosion/precipitation in non-isothermal and multi-modular LBE loop systems

Parametric study of a corrosion model applied to lead–bismuth flow systems

Kinetic model for electrorefining, part I: Model development and validation

Characterization of U-Zr fuel with alloying additive Sb for immobilizing fission product lanthanides

Electrochemical and Thermodynamic Properties of CeCl3 on Liquid Cadmium Cathode (LCC) in LiCl-KCl Eutectic Salt

Dynamics of high-temperature oxidation accompanied by scale removal and implications for technological applications

Characterization of stress corrosion cracks in Ni-based weld alloys 52, 52M and 152 grown in high-temperature water

Thermodynamic properties of actinides and fission products in liquid bismuth

Measurement of europium (III)/europium (II) couple in fluoride molten salt for redox control in a molten salt reactor concept

Oxygen control technology in applications of liquid lead and lead-bismuth systems for mitigating materials and corrosion

Estimation of key physical properties for LaCl3 in molten eutectic LiCl–KCl by fitting cyclic voltammetry data to a BET-based electrode reaction kinetics model

Thermodynamic evaluation of LiCl-KCl-PuCl3 system

Characterization of U-10Zr-2Sn-2Sb and U-10Zr-2Sn-2Sb-4Ln to assess Sn+ Sb as a mixed additive system to bind lanthanides

Multi-state Markov Modeling of Pitting Corrosion in Stainless Steel Exposed to Chloride-containing Environment

Exchange current density of Gd (III)/Gd reaction in LiCl-KCl eutectic and analysis of errors caused by various methods

Corrosion behavior of boronized nickel-based alloys in the molten chloride Salt

Assessment of Te as a U-Zr fuel additive to mitigate fuel-cladding chemical interactions

Lanthanide migration and immobilization in metallic fuels

Phenomena Identification and Ranking Table (PIRT) study for metallic structural materials for advanced High-Temperature reactor

Corrosion behavior of Fe–Cr–Si alloys in simulated PWR primary water environment

Effects of flow, Si inhibition, and concurrent corrosion of dissimilar metals on the corrosion of aluminium in the environment following a loss-of-coolant accident

Corrosion behaviour of stainless steel exposed to highly concentrated chloride solutions

Impurities in Primary Coolant Salt of FHRs: Chemistry, Impact and Removal Method

Electrochemical behavior of dysprosium and lanthanum in molten LiF-NaF-KF (Flinak) salt

Electrochemical behaviors of Cr (III) in molten LiF-NaF-KF eutectic

Amanda Leong presenting at ORNL.
Amanda Leong presenting at ORNL October 2022.
MIngyang and Jaewoo presenting posters at ORNL October 2022.
MIngyang and Jaewoo presenting posters at ORNL October 2022.
Group photo at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for Molten Salt Reactor Worksh6op October 2022.
Group photo at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for Molten Salt Reactor Worksh6op October 2022.